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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Word-->DocBook (any existing solutions + an idea for anew solution)


Take a look at Upcast. Does the same job as Majix but much better. 
Licensing is free for personal use AFAIK.

I can understand you frustration at Majix. I've used it extensively in the 
past on simple docs with some success but have migrated to UpCast now I'm 
needing to convert much more sophisticated docs.

You could take a look at CambridgeDocs too. They have what seems to be a 
pretty good engine though I haven't been able to review it properly as 
they use .Net extensively (not a fan of .Net ;o) )

All 3 of these apps will work "out-of-the-box" but need some degree of 
customisation so get a reliable conversion. The customisations are 
required to deal with the different authoring styles of the original Word 
doc writers - each different doc style needs a different level of 


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