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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Word-->DocBook (any existing solutions + an ideafor a new solution)

As long as the authors stick to some Word template, I have found 
rtf to XML converter quite usefull. Normally you will have to make very few
few corrections -if any- in the XML document.

BUT keep in mind that you will need to adjust Logictran to do the 
the way you want (or accordingly to the Word template you are using), so you
need to know about Docbook in advance.

Juan R. Migoya

James Brundage wrote:

>Has anyone run into a RELIABLE, SIMPLE solution of this yet.  I have
>tried Majix with no success.
>If anyone has come up with a solution to this problem, please enlighten
>me as I am relatively new to the whole wide world of DocBook.  If no one
>has come up with a solution, then I have a slight suggestion.
>1. PHP allows COM interaction.
>2. PHP allows file I/O
>3. PHP has built-in XML support.
>Has anyone considered writing a PHP script to change Word documents into
>DocBook.  I'm not going so far as to say that PHP would serve as a
>panacea to the multiple document formats --> DocBook ordeal but it might
>make the Word->COM->DocBook process a little more simple (ergo hopefully
>more reliable) than Majix's 
>Word->Slightly Out of Data Java-COM API->Java->DocBook
>Thank you in advance,
>James Brundage
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