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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Internationalized index in XSL


will this actually make it in the official docbook stylesheets?


Le jeu 27/11/2003  13:39, Jirka Kosek a crit :
> Hi,
> automatic indexing which is available in the DocBook XSL stylesheets is 
> working quite well for English, but for other languages it lacks several 
> features.
>  From my own experience, following functionality is missing:
> - allow to group accented letters like e, ,  into the same group under 
> letter "e"
> - treat special letters (e.g. "ch") as one character and place them in 
> correct position (e.g. between "h" and "i")
> Attached customization layer is able to solve these two issues. If you 
> want to try it, just import original fo/docbook.xsl into your 
> customization layer and then include attached file. It was tested under 
> Saxon, but should work in any processor which implements EXSLT function 
> extension.
> Current settings are suitable for Czech language, but you can easily 
> modify them by editing content of l:letters element:
> <l:letters lang="cs">
>    ...
>    <l i="1">A</l>
>    <l i="1">a</l>
>    <l i="1"></l>
>    <l i="1"></l>
>    <l i="2">B</l>
>    <l i="2">b</l>
>    ...
>    <l i="10">H</l>
>    <l i="10">h</l>
>    <l i="11">Ch</l>
>    <l i="11">ch</l>
>    <l i="11">cH</l>
>    <l i="11">CH</l>
>    <l i="12">I</l>
>    <l i="12">i</l>
>    ...
> </l:letters>
> This snippet means that letters A, a, ,  will be put under the same 
> group in the index (they have same i attribute) and that letter "a" will 
> be sorted before "b" which has i=2. Later elements define that "ch" will 
> be placed between "h" and "i".
> I will appreciate if you could:
> - test solution and give me feedback
> - send me <l:letter lang="xx"> table for languages you are using
> - write me that this solution can't handle properly your language and 
> write me what must be improved in order to fix it
> After gathering your feedback I will add this file into standard DocBook 
> XSL stylesheets.
> 					Jirka

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