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Subject: IPD spcifications, xsl-region-body mapping in page-master?

I've got fop installed properly, and it converts the example files correctly.

I have managed to get xsltproc to create good fo files, but they seem to contain some stuff that fop doesn't like. I'm using the xsl stylesheets from Norm Walsh-- docbook-xsl-stylesheets package.

At first I was getting errors about some alignment issues, but I commented the parts that used that out of my stylesheets, and those error messages went away.

Now I get these two, which I can't quite figure out:

At least one of minimum, optimum, or maximum IPD must be specified on table.

output.fo:14:46894 Flow 'xsl-region-body' does not map to the region-body in page-master 'blank'

Have you seen these before? Is there a way to make sure that my XSL transformations will generate fop-friendly fo?


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