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Subject: Fop, Landscape Chapters, & psmi


Have got a few *large* tables that need to be processed in landscape format, 
but in using FOP the reference-orientation attribute is not supported. It can 
produce separate page sequences in order to create landscape pages if you 
swap the page height and page width attributes, which I've done and which 
works nicely.

After searching, I found the psmi information for producing separate page 
sequences, but it is limited to being able to produce things in sections 
under chapters - not whole chapters (or appendices) themselves. While I can 
put the tables in a section, I then end up with a page that has the chapter 
title (still in portrait layout), followed by a new page in landscape with 
the content. And I don't really want to have to introduce a section into a 
chapter when the sole purpose of that chapter (or appendix) is to contain 
that table.

Secondly, I'm not able to call the change in the layout through orient="land" 
on the tables themselves, as the table rendering dies in fop and displays 
just a single blank page (in landscape, at least) if the table is more than 
one page long. This forces me to shove it in a section (where the swapped 
page height and width attributes cause no problems with the table layout 
rendering), with the same result as above.

So - can anyone suggest how to modify the psmi transformations to allow a 
<chapter> or <appendix> to be rotated *in total*?



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