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Subject: Change "TableofContents" gentext for Chapter level tocs?

I'm trying to setup a customisation layer that will give me a Book level TOC and a set of Chapter level TOCs. I would like, however, for the TOC title text to read "In this Chapter you will cover:" when at a chapter level and to retain the more traditional "Table of Contents" at the Book level.
Long term, I'd probably need to support other languages too but I can worry about that later.
I've got the <xsl:param name="generate.toc"> stuff sorted and working but as far as I can see <l:gentext key="TableofContents" text="Table of Contents"/> is a single entry for all TOCs.
Is it possible to do what I want at a customisation layer level or would I need to edit the templates themselves. If so, is there any merit in submitting a change request?
I'd also like the Chapter level TOC to be just a list (bulleted?) rather than a full-on TOC.
Perhaps I should set:
<xsl:param name="generate.toc">
book      title,toc,figure
chapter   title
section   title
And manually maintain my Chapter TOC within my <chapter> XML source?

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