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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Images are stretching my Tables

martin.gautier@myrnham.co.uk [Di, 9. Dez 2003]:

>I'm experiencing a problem with my RTF output from XFC where (large) 
>images placed inside table cells are stretching the column width of the 
>cell out of it's specified width (ie. off the page usually). Exactly the 
>same FO output when processed with FOP into PDF looks fine.
>Has anyone else got this problem? Could it be FO stylesheet related? 

It might actually be an RTF limitation. Images in RTF can only be scaled
in steps of 1 percent relative to their original size. Now, if your
original image is large, the discrete scaling steps that are possible
increase also and the RTF conversion engine may not be able to pick a
value that matches the desired absolute width (unless the engine does the
scaling itself before placing the image in the RTF document, then of
course at 100% size).

Christian Roth
infinity-loop GmbH

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