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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Identify first <section>?

>> <t:titlepage t:element="section" t:wrapper="fo:block">
>> ...
>>   <t:titlepage-before side="recto">
>>     <xsl:param name="node" select="."/>
>>     <xsl:if test="not(node/preceding-sibling::section)">
>>       <fo:block break-before="page"/>
>>       <fo:block font-size="14pt" font-family="verdana"
>> font-color="red">DEBUG:</fo:block>
>>     </xsl:if>
>>   </t:titlepage-before>
>> The <xsl:if test="not(node/preceding-sibling::section)"> doesn't seem 
>> pick up what I'm after. Any suggestions?
>It looks like you are missing a "$" in front of "node" in
>the test expression.  So it is looking for an element
>named node instead of a parameter of that name.


My source now has the "$". It did originally but must have disappeared 
during one of my many jiggles to get it to work...

Unfortunately I'm still not getting anywhere.

test="not($node/preceding-sibling::section)" does actually check all 
sibling elements before node right? ie. in:

   <section>                <-- if here

..will check <title> and <chapterinfo> to return "true"?



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