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Subject: headers.on.blank.pages

I seem to be confused over how this parameter works in the Docbook Stylesheets
<xsl:param name="headers.on.blank.pages" select="0"/>
I've used a combination of titlepage customisations and
<xsl:attribute-set name="section.level1.properties">
  <xsl:attribute name="break-before">page</xsl:attribute>
<xsl:param name="double.sided">1</xsl:param>
Which makes all <chapter> start on an odd page, makes the back of the chapter page blank and starts the first <section> element under <chapter> come out on a new odd page on it's own.
The "headers.on.blank.pages" param doesn't seem to work for the back of my chapter pages. Can someone explain what this param supports and doesn't support?

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