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Subject: RE: [SPAM] - Re: [docbook-apps] How can I make (customize?) biblioentry references? - Bayesian Filter detected spam

> > Now using current xsl stylesheets we can only make the 
> single xrefs to 
> > biblioentries, just like [text],[text],[text] or 
> [1],[2],[3]. How can 
> > one (if it possible at all) make references grouped together, for 
> > example [text,text,text] or [1,2,3] or even [1-3]?
> If there are more than one xrefs grouped in a citation, this behavior 
> should be the default.  Is it not?*  If that's true, then maybe this 
> should be an RFE?
It is definitely not grouping together...
---- This example
	<xref linkend="book1"/>
	<xref linkend="book2"/>
	<xref linkend="book3"/>
----- will produce
	[<a href="#book1" title="[book1]">book1</a>]
	[<a href="#book2" title="[book2]">book2</a>]
	[<a href="#book3" title="[book3]">book3</a>]
Coverting to FO is produsing the same result.

PS. I am using docbook-xsl-stylesheets v1.50, but as I know from
up-to-date xsl sources, current behaviour is the same. Am I wrong?

> * I use RefDB for citation processing, so have not used the default 
> stylesheets.
Ok, will see for it.

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