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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XMLroff

On Dec 16, 2003, at 12:37 PM, GARY Hoffman wrote:

I came across a rather different project, tbook (http://tbookdtd.sourceforge.net/).  It is an XML format that, when processed, produces XHTML+MathML, HTML, LaTeX, or DocBook files.  LaTeX and DocBook files can be further processed to produce documents in other formats.  It has only 80 elements (as compared with 400+ in DocBook); but, it appears to be more flexible than Simplified DocBook and, therefore, perhaps more suitable for general purposes. Its claim to fame is its ability to leverage LaTeX in presenting mathematical and scientific text.  This looks very promising.

Yes, tbook is nice, particularly if you need to do math (I don't). Torsten (the author) focuses a lot on output quality in both XHTML and PDF, and also has stylesheets to generate DocBook files.

It all depends on what you really need, I suppose. For me, tbook still needs to do better with it's citation and bibliographic support. Torsten has heard this from me before though ;-)


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