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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Code fragments, entities & Docbook

At 03:52 17/12/2003, Janeene Webb wrote:

>To prevent errors, and to make maintenance easier, it'd be nice to be able to
>call the whole mediaobject fragment of code for that image as an entity, and
>just declare it once.
>The problem that I'm having is that if I call the entity through an xml
>fragment, when I try and save the book the contents of the PART that the
>entity first appears in gets pasted into the xml fragment, clobbering the
>definition that was there in the first place, and *not* updating the actual
>xml file for that part.

I'm guessing its an editor issue.

  It also happens in some xml processing, when the entities
are expanded.
  Try it with a plain text editor, see if its the same,
that should determine which it is.
   The outlined process sounds sensible to me.

regards DaveP

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