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Subject: Using FOP with figures

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem that I am having 
using fop to generate pdf from docbook xml.

I am using the following: docbook xsl stysheets 1.64.0, saxon (to 
generate the fo objects), fop 0.20.5

The problem occurs when I insert a figure in the docbook xml source such as:

     <figure id="image_segments">
       <title>Some Title</title>
         <graphic fileref="images/logo.gif"/>

fop doesn't seem to like this and gives me the following error:

org.apache.fop.apps.FOPException: file:
/home/poond//cvs_trunk/docu/book/build/book_pdf_en/book.fo:1:65589 Flow 
'xsl-region-body' does not map to the region-body in page-master 'blank'

I am using the following FO stylesheet:

btw I am using ant to compile the XML and the tasks are defined as follows:

   <taskdef name="fop"
       <pathelement location="${fop.dir}/build/fop.jar"/>
       <pathelement location="${fop.dir}/lib/batik.jar"/>

   <target name="pdfen" depends="init">
     <java classname="com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet"
       <arg line="-o ${book_en}/book.fo"/>
       <arg line="${source}/book_en.xml"/>
       <arg line="${docbook.xsl.stylesheet}/fo/profile-docbook.xsl"/>
       <arg line="profile.lang=en"/>
     <fop format="application/pdf"
       outfile="${book_en}/book.pdf" />
     <delete file="${book_en}/book.fo" />

HTML generation from the docbook XML source works fine.
Could anybody suggest to me what is wrong?

I searched around on the FOP mailing list and found a reference to this 
error which stated:

 >This indicates a mismatch between the region name declared on the
 >flow and the actual page master's body region. This is most probably
 >a bug in the DocBook XSL, ask there.

I searched round this list and couldn't find anything, so thus I post my 


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