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Subject: Re: [docbook] Using VIM with DocBook files

[not continuing the crossposting, the topic is not appropriate for the
docbook list; since I'm not subscribed to docbook-apps please CC me on
any reply, thanks :)]

Hi Gary

On Fri 2003-12-19 GARY Hoffman wrote:
> Presently, I am using XML editors to write DocBook files (e.g.
> Oxygen and Morphon). Is anyone aware of an add-on, plug-in, module,
> mode, or whatever, that integrates DocBook with VIM?  That is,
> anything that would make VIM "DocBook aware," similar to Norm
> Walsh's DocBook IDE for Emacs.

I use Vim set up as described in
for all XML languages [1], it works great.

I'm not aware of any plugins providing schema-driven functionality
though, if that's what you want you'd have to code it yourself :)
(see the intro of my howto for a suggestion)

Google found some DocBook/Vim things (I didn't try any of them):


[1] ... and for all non-XML languages as well :)


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