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Subject: RE: [SPAM] - [docbook-apps] Re: Docbook inlineequation/graphic to html - Bayesian Filter detected spam

> > element. Grepping through the stylesheets
> You can also use
> http://xsldbg.sourceforge.net/
> great tool for debugging XSL stylesheets.
Ok. I will pay attention on it.

> test="../inlineequation"> test, 
> > instead<xsl:when test="parent::inlineequation">. Am I wrong?
> IMHO, XPath expressions "../inlineequation" and 
> "parent::inlineequation" are identical: 
> http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath#path-abbrev
I suppose ".." is identical to "parent::node()" or (because each element
has only one parent) "parent::*"  but "../element" is identical to
"parent::node()/element" or "parent::*/element" (this expresses parent
that contains element) but not to "parent::element" (parent that _is_
Real tests (xsltproc) is proving that claim.
Am I still wrong?


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