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Subject: Conditional text display in PDF


I am trying to customize my PDF output for an article,
using the DocBook stylesheets.

It appears that the stylesheets process and produce
output from a section, even when its blank - this results
in a fair amount of unneeded white space in my documents.

I am trying to get the processor to skip these sections.  
I have set up a template in my customisation file :

<!-- sections -->
<xsl:template match="sect1" mode="article.recto.mode"> 
    <xsl:when test="title=''"><fo:block>BOO!</fo:block></xsl:when> <!--
test ignore blank section -->

But this template gets ignored for a section such as:


What is the correct way to setup such an "override" template?

Thanks for help with these 'basic' questions.


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