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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] if, then, else alignment for imageobject

Hello Sean,

There are no standard means in XSL FO 1.0 to achieve this method.
However RenderX XEP XSL FO formatter has an extension values for
float (namely 'inside' and 'outside') which aligns it with respect to
page parity. You can find an example here:

Hopefully this functionality will be included in the next version of
XSL FO spec.

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov                             mailto:peshkov@renderx.com

P.S.: Actually this is not Docbook, but rather an XSL FO question so
      it could be more suitable for one of XSL FO lists, i.e. XSL-FO@yahoogroups.com

SW> Hi,

SW> I have requirement to align images to the outsides of facing pages.
SW> Hence all imageobjects on an even page are aligned left and on an odd page, 
SW> right.

SW> Now I can manually set the @align on each imagedata, but as content is 
SW> modified, it will cause pictures to move position. An image that was once on 
SW> an even page may move to an odd page, and the other way around.

SW> Is there a way to implement some logic that will automatically handle this 
SW> during the transformation to XSL-FO so that maintenance becomes easier. 
SW> Perhaps an additional value for the @align (align="auto"), and then XSL 
SW> processing logic that will decide based on the page number whether the image 
SW> is right or left.

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