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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] BridgeHead as xref-target

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Works for me.  What version of the stylesheets are you using?
Sorry. Forgot to mention. It's 1.62.4.

> Did you validate your document?  Can you peek inside the FO
Yes. There were some errors but nothing relevant to bridgehead and/or 
xref. After fixing those errors the problem remains.

> file to see if the id attribute makes it in there?
The attribute makes it to the xref but not to the bridgehead.

Strange. I'm not changing the bridgehead template but many other 
templates. And I'm not using the renderas attribute on bridgeheads - 
well, I tried for one but with no effect on my problem.

This leads me to the question what layout attributes bridgehead inherits 
when "renderas" is not set?

It's definitely something with my customisation layer because when I 
switch it off everything works fine. This needs more testing on my side. 
Sorry for wasting your time, Bob

Thomas Gier
Technical Writer


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