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Subject: FOP-0.20.5 fails to down-scale oversized SVG in print

From the online FOP docs at:

Graphics Packages > SVG > Scaling
"Currently, SVG images are rendered with the dimensions specified in 
the SVG file, within the viewport specified in the 
fo:external-graphic element. For everything to work properly, the two 
should be equal. The SVG standard leaves this issue as an 
implementation detail. FOP will probably implement a scaling 
mechanism in the future."

SVG with dimensions larger than the viewport area are not scaled. 

Short of taking the SVG back into a capable graphics program for down 
scaling, is there a DocBook XSL solution? I tried width=, depth=, 
contentwidth=, contentdepth=, scale=, scalefit=. I found no imagedata 
attributes that had any affect at all on the scaling of this SVG 
image (%, n). It is wider than the page width.

Are we all agreed that this does not work, and that it is the 
responsibility of the XSL-FO print formatting tool to handle this 
down-scaling? Or, am I misunderstanding something?

Steve Whitlatch

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