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Subject: no image on title page...

I try to put a message on the title page of a book I am writing, and I
follow the prescriptions from the XSL FAQ's:


So I have a "mytitlepage.xml" slightly modified from the
/etc/sgml/docbook-xsl/template/testtemplate.xml, and it starts with:

<t:templates xmlns:t="http://nwalsh.com/docbook/xsl/template/1.0";


<t:titlepage element="book" wrapper="fo:block">
  <t:titlepage-content side='recto'>

I try to process it with:

xsltproc -o mytitlepage.xsl /etc/sgml/docbook-xsl/template/titlepage.xsl

But that produces a "mytitlepage.xsl" with only some header comments, and
the command exits with an error message:

The @t:side attribute is required on t:titlepage-content.

(the quotation of 'recto' differers between the FAQ examples: but "recto"
does not work either).

What is wrong???


	Tom "thriving on chaos" Peters

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