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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Setting HTML Colwidths

Cheers Bob

That certainly seems to work though it seems to work best if you insert the code just after the "<xsl:if test="$table.borders.with.css != 0">" block...

MSWord being MSWord, it doesn't like the space in the html produced by "<xsl:text>width: </xsl:text>" but that's easily remedied too.

It seems I also need need to specify the full table width also. As in:

<table style="width:12cm; border-collapse: collapse;border-top: 0.5pt solid ; border-bottom: 0.5pt solid ; border-left: 0.5pt solid ; border-right: 0.5pt solid ; ">

Word doesn't like using "pt"s either - "cm"s work best but again that's easily remedied (for me).

I guess there must be a routine for calculating the total of all the colspec.colwidths... Is there somewhere where these things are listed so I can track them down?


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