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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] accentuate or indent wrapped lines

> So this is one method for handling text displays where you
> want to preserve the line endings if a line is short, but if the
> line is too long it has to be broken so it doesn't bleed off the
> edge of the page.  With real programlistings with nested
> indents on the text, it may not work very well.  But at least
> >
> > i set the attribute  wrap-option="wrap".
> > well the programlistings are wrapped now, but i need to marks these
> linebreaks, either by an indent or a spezial character.

This is a common problem with XSL FO 1.0, met in other areas
as well. Table header "Table 1.4, continued" if the table
is continued from a previous page, a mark at the beginning
of a block (as in newspapers "see page 1"). XSL 1.1 is going
to add functionality some of the cases, but not in general

Since one realizes it now that breaking a flow object (at
line or page boundary) is an event which often requires
special actions (presentation entities to be inserted),
submitting elaborated use cases to xsl-editors@w3.org 
could help at this early stage of XSL 1.1.

David Tolpin

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