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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] RTL/LTR directional tags

> Salam,
> I am trying to use Docbook XSLT chain for Arabic documents. The problem
> I am having is that I can't seem to figure out where (if any) I can set
> directional tags. 
> As you may know, Arabic is a RTL language.. and I expected to find what
> HTML provides, in DocBook (but I'm wrong?).
> P.S. Please Cc' our 'doc@arabeyes.org' list in your responses.


this should not be your problem, but the problem of a browser
used to render the generated HTML documents. Modern browsers 
handle bidirectionality automatically; Unicode contains all 
data necessary to correctly display Hebrew, Arabic and other

The only case when you would want explicit direction marks is when
you want something to be transcribed in an unusual direction, that is,
English or Georgian in RTL, or Arabic in LTR. But it does not seem
to be your case.

So just output your text without thinking about writing-modes, 
a good browser (Mozilla for example) will handle it just right.
The same holds for XSL FO output.

David Tolpin

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