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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] fop problems

The first thing you should do is to turn on the Fop extensions for the 
transformation to FO (see 

You can set this parameter at the command line; more convenient is a 
customization layer (see 

Gisbert Amm

David N. Welton wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been successfully using DocBook to create HTML for a while now.
> A user requested a printable manual, and I thought it would be a good
> time to check out how to create PDF's, so on my Debian unstable
> machine, I installed the latest FOP available there, 0.20.5-4 and,
> using the docbook-xsl installed, attempted to create a PDF from my
> XML:
> xsltproc  -o rivet.fo /usr/share/sgml/docbook/stylesheet/xsl/nwalsh/fo/docbook.xsl rivet.xml
> So far so good.
> fop -fo rivet.fo  -pdf rivet.pdf &> oputfile
> This seems to generate a lot of errors, characterized by lines such as:
> [ERROR] property - "background-position-horizontal" is not implemented yet.
> [ERROR] property - "background-position-vertical" is not implemented yet.
> Error creating background image: Error creating FopImage object (http://docbook.
> sourceforge.net/release/images/draft.png) : Jimi image library not available
> ...
> [ERROR] Unknown enumerated value for property 'relative-align': baseline
> [ERROR] Error in relative-align property value 'baseline': org.apache.fop.fo.exp
> r.PropertyException: No conversion defined
> ...
> [INFO] area contents overflows area in line 
> ....
> The resulting PDF file doesn't seem to include parts of my text, bits
> of XML such as:
> 	    <varlistentry>
> 	      <term>
> 		<cmdsynopsis>
> 		  <arg>BeforeScript</arg>
> 		  <arg><replaceable>script</replaceable></arg>
> 		</cmdsynopsis>
> 	      </term>
> 	      <listitem>
> 		<para>
> 		  Script to be evaluated before each server parsed
> 		  (.rvt) page.  This can be used to create a standard
> 		  header, for instance.  It could also be used to load
> 		  code that you need for every page, if you don't want
> 		  to put it in a <option>GlobalInitScript</option>
> 		  <option>ChildInitScript</option> when you are first
> 		  developing a web site.
> 		  <note>
> 		    This code is evaluated at the global level, not
> 		    inside the request namespace where pages are
> 		    evaluated.
> 		  </note>
> 		</para>
> 	      </listitem>
> 	    </varlistentry>
> Where the cmdsynopsis is more or less not there or 'messed up' (see
> the PDF).
> The .fo file, the resulting .pdf and the oputfile containing the
> errors may be found at http://dedasys.com/tmp/
> Eventually, I will have to fix up the output in any case to make it
> better match the HTML, but I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get
> something at least reasonable on the first go.  Any help or insights
> into what I must do to make things work at this point are more than
> welcome.
> Thankyou for your time,

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