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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Rendering MathML in Docbook

Soren Kuula wrote:
> I can transform to fo (I use xml docbook) with at least Xalan-J, but 
> using PassiveTex to get even simple documents (no math) to pdf form 
> yields very bad results - loose page formatting and bits and pieces of 
> Tex markup rendered into the pdf as text.
I think you are referring to dimension arithmetic in recent versions of 
the fo stylesheets that PassiveTeX does not know how to handle. I still 
use the 1.61.3 stylesheets for that reason, and get acceptable results 
with PassiveTeX (which I use solely because of my math content).
Note though that PassiveTeX's MathML capabilities are limited. I code 
all non-trivial math in TeX, which is automatically converted to MathML 
for the HTML backend.


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