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Subject: How to label a table when transforming to HTML?


My question concerns the unique labelling of table elements when 
transforming docbook XML to HTML.

What I want to accomplish is to let a HTML stylesheet pick one specific 
table in a document, to assign it another width than the default width 
used for tables.

What I've done thus far is (and maybe my approach is entirely wrong) 
explore the possibilities of docbook to set the "role" or "id" 
attributes for a table to a unique value, hoping that:

1. such an attribute is somehow retained in the HTML document after 
having it transformed to HTML (using xsltproc and the standard 
docbook-xsl file).

2. HTML stylesheets can select the table element based on that attribute.

I did not succeed.

If it is possible at all, I'd very much appreciate some directions, 
pointers on how to do that. Please say so if I need to take another 

Thanks in advance,

Erik Leunissen

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