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Subject: Re: title on website toc?

>>>>> Arnaud Vandyck <arnaud.vandyck@ulg.ac.be>:

> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no> writes:

>> What does the <toc> using it in layout.xml, look like?

>   <toc page="website.xml" filename="index.html">

> <!-- ... tocentries ... -->

>   </toc>

Looks a lot like what I have.

But there may be something strange with my 2.4.0 version:
 - only the <toc> page has a navheader, the other pages don't
 - the <toc> page doesn't get the title in <h1> at the top, but the
   other pages do
 - attempting to "close" an "open" <tocentry> at the top level,
   doesn't take me to the home page

Is this behaviour expected?  Or is it wrong?

I expected:
 - All pages, including <toc> to get a navheader
 - All pages, including <toc> to get the <title> in the website doc,
   rendered inside <h1> at the top of the genrated HTML page
 - Closing an open <tocentry> at the top level, would link to the home
   page, with all hierarchical tocentries closed

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