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Subject: Re: no sub-, super-script in PS from .fo

A.R. (Tom) Peters wrote:

> I noticed that when I generate PostScript output from FO, sub- and
> super-scripts are not rendered correctly but are plainly in-line.  PDF
> output from the same .fo is correctly rendered below or above the
> baseline.
> I did not find this problem reported in the buglist or in recent mail
> archives.  Another person confirmed this problem.
> What to do?
> The Fo snippets are simply like:
> <fo:inline vertical-align="super">+</fo:inline>

Well according to FOP's compliance page, vertical-align isnt even supported.


I will make a note to update the compliance page to say it works for
PDF. I believe baseline-shift also works for PDF.

As for the Postscript renderer, it is not as mature as the PDF Renderer
and so it is no surprise that sub/super scripts arent implemented there.



	Tom "thriving on chaos" Peters

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