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Subject: Re: rcsdate not appearing

>>>>> Sébastien Georget <Sebastien.Georget@sophia.inria.fr>:

> Steinar Bang wrote:
>> I have the following line in my layout.xml file
>> 	<config param="rcsdate" value="$Date: 2004/02/23 11:47:17 $"/>
>> No date appears at the bottom left of my generated pages, that I
>> can see.

> I added the following to my xsl to display the last modification date :

> <xsl:template name="rcsdate.format">
>   <xsl:param name="rcsdate" select="./config[@param='rcsdate']/@value"/>
>   Dernière modification : <xsl:value-of select="substring($rcsdate, 7, 11)"/>
> </xsl:template>

This is a nice way to lose the $Date$ stuff from the date.

However, the rcsdate.format template isn't empty in the
website-common.xsl file, so customizing this template shouldn't make
any difference in the date appearing.

I tried this anyway, by putting the following into my local
customization layer:
  <xsl:template name="rcsdate.format">
    <xsl:param name="rcsdate" select="./config[@param='rcsdate']/@value"/>
    Last changed: <xsl:value-of select="substring($rcsdate, 7, 11)"/>

This made the text "Last changed:" appear at the bottom of the
generated HTML pages.

Ie. the rcsdate parameter value isn't picked up, or is seen as empty
somehow.  But why?  Is there a subtle misspelling somewhere?

Here are all of my parameters in the layout.xml file, and the others
are picked up and used:
  <config param="navbgcolor" value="#e0e0e0"/>
  <config param="navtocwidth" value="205px"/>
  <config param="homebanner-tabular" value="graphics/menutop.png"/>
  <config param="banner-tabular" value="graphics/menutop.png"/>
  <config param="rcsdate" value="$Date: 2004/02/24 13:24:34 $"/>


- Steinar

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