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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] XInclude aware authoring tool

>> im looking for an editor that is XInlude aware i.e. if i open the
>> wrapper document the inclusions are automatically done.

>AFAIK Professional version of XMLmind XML Editor works with XIncludes. 
>You can see XIncluded parts as if they were present in the document. 
>They are read only, but by pressing button you can get new window with 
>contents of the XIncluded part to edit.

thats a nice behaviour, but we cant use XMLMind. (cant handle CDATA)
do other wysiwyg-tools behave in a similar way?

>> even jEdit cant do that ... why? does no one need to look at a
>> document as a whole? is it any hard to implement this?

>jEdit is a plain text editor with handy powerfull plugins. But 
>processing XIncludes means that equation one window = one file isn't 
>true anymore.  IMHO thus you can't expect XInclude support you want in
>common text editors, only specialized XML ones can use necessary 
>underlying structures to support this feature.

>But I think that it is not necassary to have such editor for editing 
>large XML files. When you modularize your documents (using entities or 
>XIncludes) you usually do it in order to work on smaller manageable 
>pieces of document like chapters. For me is then sufficient if I can 
>edit chunk of document and editor is able to correctly load DTD 
>according to "main" document (this is necessary when using entities,
>necessary with XIncludes). Both Emacs and jEdit can do that and
>other plain text based editors also.

ok, i see.
you really dont need to see the document as a whole in a text-editor -
thats just useless.

but id like the editor to check all included files for validity.
imagine you get a document from an author. its built up of about 20
youve got to open each of the files to check them. 
would be nice to be able to just open the wrapper document and let the
editor do the work.

another nice feature would be the possibility to open a referenzed file
in a new window.

does anyone know of such a tool?



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