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Subject: LoT's as separate chunks linked to from the Table of Contents (in HTML)

Does anyone know how to set the Lists of Figures, Tables, Procedures, etc...
as separate chunked files, linked to by the Table of Contents? I can get a
normal section or, say, procedure element to chunk and then add it to the
ToC, but since the Lists are generated, I haven't been able to figure out
how to do it. Our customers want the lists, but they complain if the lists
are there along with the table of contents.

(I got the index to do what I need, since I can make that a separate file
with the <index/> in it.)

So I want something like this:
Table of contents


Link to list of Figures

Link to Lost of Tables


I tried the chunk.tocs.and.lots but that puts *everything* on a single page
and links to it. I want the ToC to be like the usual, and the lists to be
links to chunks from the ToC.



Scott Eck

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