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Subject: Recursive resolution

Hi there,

I have the Docbook dtds and xsls at both my university account (where 
there is limited disk space, so I uncompress them into /tmp before use), 
at home at /usr/docbook and when I find my Windows computer somewhere in 
the rubble, at c:\whatever\docbook

Now I want to write a set of generic docbook tools, like makefiles, 
templates for my customization for stylesheets, automated Website build 
builders ... etc, that I want to make as easy as possible to check out 
and deploy on any computer.

So I got this idea : I use a resolver. I write a catalog.xml file, that 
maps the uri of various resources (stylesheets) to my own files. For the 
DTDs I would like to just use the nextCatalog feature to include the 
catalogs that came with the DTDs..

But I still need to  make a lot of absolute path references in the catalog:

Not good for my mobility idea.

OK, I think, I just delete the above and introduce a fake top level name :

and map that fake prefix to the real path (at only ONE place in the file):

It should work, if the resolver recursed just ONCE. It does not work.

Is there some sort of spec saying whether the resolver should recurse or 
not ? Found a bug ? AM a bug ?

Of course, if there is a less creative approach to solving my problem, 
that will be OK too. I just want my stuff to deploy with as little 
configuration as possible, and I want to be able to use stable names in 
the processing instructions in my documents, or in my make files, such 
as "file:///docbook.fake.home/html/chunk.xsl" and not like 
and preferably also without absolute pathnames more than a couple of 
places in catalog or make files.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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