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Subject: Re: empty table cells

>>>>> Brian McGurk <brian@corvil.com>:

> Mozilla. But it also happens with Opera. One strange thing is that I
> don't have this problem if I point the browser at the file locally
> (file://home/...), only if I get it via http.

That's not so strange.

This only means that Mozilla and Opera are preferring the HTTP setting
of charset, over what they infer from the HTML, as they should (IE is
_so_ broken in not doing this).

The fix is to make the webserver set a charset of UTF-8 on these
pages.  What server are you using?  IIS?  Apache 1.3?  Apache 2?  If
the latter see
for how to set it to utf-8 in an .htaccess file or a <Directory>

You could also try setting AddDefaultCharset to off, to see if that
makes apache pick up this info from the <meta> tag.

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