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Subject: Converting docbook-xsl to website-xsl

Well, I hope someone can help me. Maybe I'm going about my problem in
the wrong way - to be honest I'm not sure.

I have a fair amoutn of documentation (read: 50 pages+) written in
docbook, which is converted to HTML using docbook-xsl and xsltproc.
This works wonderfully.

It's been requested that I make the ToC "collapsible", as it's now
starting to get very large.
After about a week of digging around, and realising that adding
javascript and various id tags into the <div>'s of the ToC might not
work, I found website-xsl.

As an end result, it offers me what I need (the tabular ToC on the
left). However, I'm finding that converting all my documentation is
going to become a major undertaking.
I have many pages with <link>'s which would all need to be converted,
and I'd also need some way to generate the layout.xml (that can be
munged somehow though).

Does anyone know of a way for me to easily convert my documentation to
meet the website-xsl requirements? Or failing that, how else I might
achieve a collapsable ToC?

My XML knowledge is somewhat limited (but I'm learning as I go :)

Avleen Vig
Systems Administrator
Personal: www.silverwraith.com
EFnet:    irc.mindspring.com (Earthlink user access only)

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