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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Print Title Pages on seperate Page

At 19:59 09/03/2004, Russell Seymour wrote:
>After such a prompt response to my last problem, I am hoping that someone 
>will be able to help me with my next question.
>In the report document system, I am creating I have to create a fron page 
>title sheet in any printed output.  Is it possible to get a customisation 
>layer (or spec file or whatever) to take the <articleinfo> and create a 
>title page at the front of the document on its own page.
>I have been looking at the Title Page customisations on the Sagehill 
>website, but have not managed to work out how I may go about doing this.

Its basically a pre-processor stage,
prior to running your main transform?

Separate input xml, stylesheet.
Go back to Bobs site and read again,
but don't think of it as a part of the main transform,
as you have been with other customisations.

HHT daveP

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