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Subject: Different encoding in XML and XSL.

This may a generic XSL question.. But I've hit upon it when evaluating
docbook xsls.. So I'm posting it here..

I'm evaluating if docbook can fit our needs here.. We probably will have
our custom XSL which would include/import docbook xsls. The input XML to my
xsl can have varying encodings (charset).. So the question is:

1. How does the docbook xsl behave if the XML encoding is different from the

2. I also see the localization xml files (en.xml) in the docbook-xsl
distribution.. The encoding is set to US-ASCII.. So in effect, I could have
my XML document coming in as "windows-1252", the en.xml file would have
encoding set to "US-ASCII" and my xsl will most likely be "UTF-8". How is
the behavior determined in this case..

The general question is, if someone could point to understand the XML/XSL
processor behavior in handling various encodings, that would be immensely


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