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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Re: Converting docbook-xsl to website-xsl

Just to be thorough, I thought I'd mention two other options for getting a book with a toc pane from docbook (assuming a Windows-only chm won't meet your needs). 

1. Generate html help source from docbook and then open the .hhp file in RoboHELP (commercial, expensive IMO, widows only, no CLI) and generate Web Help. Web help has a toc pane, index, and search built in, but RoboHELP isn't cheap (and aside from Web Help, isn't very good).
2. Use a customization layer I experiemented with to generate chm source and a frameset that uses some java applet stuff that comes with the HTML Help workshop. This gives you a toc and index pane but no search. http://www.thingbag.net/docbook/applethelp-demo/ I suspect you'd have to do some work on the index generation code--currently it doesn't collapse duplicate entries. Here's the customization layer: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/docbook/contrib/xsl/applethelp/ I had updated it recently to work with 1.64.1 of the docbook xsls. This doesn't require windows except to get the applet stuff from an installation of the HTML Help workshop (free).

An any-browser help-like output that dosen't require eclipse, robohelp, or any applet stuff would be nice to have in the distribution. I think building in internationalized search for free would be tough.

Eclipse is the nicest choice, but has the drawback of being a pain to distribute to people to run locally (tho it can be done). 


> -----Original Message-----
> From: news [mailto:news@sea.gmane.org]On Behalf Of Steinar Bang
> Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 3:44 PM
> To: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [docbook-apps] Re: Converting docbook-xsl to website-xsl
> >>>>> Avleen Vig <lists-docbook@silverwraith.com>:
> > It's been requested that I make the ToC "collapsible", as it's now
> > starting to get very large.
> > After about a week of digging around, and realising that adding
> > javascript and various id tags into the <div>'s of the ToC might not
> > work, I found website-xsl.
> > As an end result, it offers me what I need (the tabular ToC on the
> > left). However, I'm finding that converting all my documentation is
> > going to become a major undertaking.
> [snip!]
> > Does anyone know of a way for me to easily convert my 
> documentation to
> > meet the website-xsl requirements? Or failing that, how else I might
> > achieve a collapsable ToC?
> Perhaps Vitaly Ostanin's customizations would do what you wish to do?
> [snipped from an earlier message to this list]
> >>>>> Vitaly Ostanin <vyt@vzljot.ru>:
> > You can look to my customization of Website for chunked html
> > output from DocBook documents:
> > http://docs.altlinux.ru/releases/xsl/current/website/alt-chunk.xsl
> > or for xhtml output:
> > 

> Worked examples available at
> http://docs.altlinux.ru/beta/
> http://vyt.vzljot.ru/docs/docs-howto/index.html

> Sorry, only in Russian yet.

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