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Subject: DSSSL stylesheets & chunk-per-qandadiv in HTML


I am working on the formatting of a FAQ. The body of the document
consists of a qandaset with multiple qandadiv sections; I would like
to have an HTML page per qandadiv.

I have tried adding (normalize "qandadiv") to the definition of the
chunk-element-list function in the html section of my stylesheet, as

| (define (chunk-element-list)
|   (list (normalize "qandaset")
|         (normalize "qandadiv")
|         (normalize "preface")
|         ...))

But this does not help; I am obtaining a single HTML page. I also have
(define nochunks #f). Any suggestions? 

I am using version 1.78 of the nwalsh Docbook stylesheets, trying both
jade and openjade 1.4, all from the corresponding Debian packages.
Thanks in advance,

Eric Marsden                          <URL:http://www.laas.fr/~emarsden/>

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