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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Other elements within Option breaking in Framemakerprocessing

Don Adams wrote:
>>Essentially, whenever I put an Option element that contains another
>>element (it's not just Replaceable) at the *start* of a paragraph, it
>>breaks the paragraph formatting instructions and some of the element
>>formatting instructions that Framemaker usually knows about.  But I can
>>put Option elements that contain another element anywhere except the
>>start of the paragraph, and they're fine.
> It sounds to me like somewhere in your EDD there is a match
> for {first} <option> element under a <para> element and this
> is being applied even though you don't want it to be applied in a bulleted
> list.

That sounds on the right track though I think it must be looking for a 
{first} element of a <para> in a <listitem>, since putting an any 
element containing any other element at the beginning of a <para> in a 
<listitem> exhibits this weird behavior for me, though these process 
just fine when the given <para> is not inside a <listitem>.  However, I 
haven't yet figured out where in not-wholly-obvious (to me, at least) 
EDD syntax my problem is originating.  It must be some strange 
interaction, since I though I understood what most of the rules 
governing <para> and <listitem> in my EDD were doing ... evidently not!


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nCipher Corporation Ltd.   +44 1223 723690   Fax: +44 1223 723601

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