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Subject: nonbreaking tables


probably a simple newbie question again:

Is there a way to keep tables together and to avoid
(short) tables beeing split into parts across different

I tried DSSSL with openjade and dsssl-stylesheets-1.77
which splits tables and adds a new table header to the
table's second part (on the new page).

Alternatively, I went the FO way:

--output xxx.fo
--stringparam tex.math.in.alt latex
--stringparam passivetex.extensions 1
<path-to>/docbook-xsl-1.64.1/fo/docbook.xsl xxx.xml

pdftex --interaction nonstopmode "&pdfxmltex" xxx.fo

This approach does not seem to split tables.
However all vertical separators are missing.

I had a look at the docbook-archive trying to find
an answer. There has been some discussion about
a 'workaround' to make graphics 'float' by including
them into tables, which can be made 'floating' (?)

Thanks for any feedback.



Dr.-Ing. Harald Finster / Aachen Germany
http://www.finster-stahlart.de industrial history and architecture
http://www.astrid-aix.de       gallery: watercolours and oil paintings

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