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Subject: use.local.olink.style, saxon and German localization

Hi all,


- XSL stylesheets 1.65.0
- saxon 6.5.2
- XEP 3.7.5 (only for the sake of completeness in this matter :) ...)

When I set the parameter "use.local.olink.style" to "1" in my
customisation layer saxon (6.5.2) complains about

"No template for "sect2" (or any of its leaves) exists
in the context named "title" in the "en" localization."

This strikes me since I'm using german localization.

Without setting "use.local.olink.style" document title ("olink.doctitle"
is set to "1") and section title are inserted (although not formatted
properly ... no surprise here ... I'm only customising the german
gentext template).

Target data files are created using a special stylesheet which imports
html/docbook.xsl and my customisation layer.

Well, I added sect[1-4] templates to common/en.xml and now it works
without saxon's error message but this is really scruffy, isn't it?

How can I convince saxon to use german localization for olinks?

Thanks for reading ...

Thomas Gier
Technical Writer


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