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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] [Q] multilingual website?

At 06:27 14/03/2004, Bob Stayton wrote:
>The Apache content negotiation system adds the language code as a suffix to
>the filename, so you want to generate  "myfile.html.no" and
>Since the tocentry elements in layout.xml let you specify the output
>filename using the 'filename' attribute, I would think this would not be
>hard to set up.  Just make sure each webpage has the proper lang attribute
>and its tocentry has the right filename.  I haven't acutally tried it, so
>there may be other things to consider.

As a general note, and very much in my humble opinion,
I think docbook's multi-lingual approach is about as sophisticated
as I've come across.

Yet other than Norm's presentation notes, I've not seen it
documented anywhere.
Perhaps it deserves more limelight?

Any suggestions how it might be?

regards DaveP

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