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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: customizing content.header to make static text flow

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Guy Worthington wrote

>> [How do I increase the column width of the inside column in a header?]

> You are in luck.  The latest version of the XSL stylesheets has a new
> parameter 'header.column.widths' that lets you set the width of the columns
> in the headers and footers.  You need to download version 1.65.0 of the XSL
> stylesheets, and then read this reference doc in the distribution:
> doc/fo/header.column.widths.html

Thankyou Mr. Stayton.  I followed your suggestion & added the line

   <!-- need more space for inside margins -->
   <xsl:param name="header.column.widths" select="'9 0 1'"/>

to my custom layer.  I'm now happy.

In passing: I'm not sure where I send errata for your reference book,
so if you don't mind, I'll put it below.

In example 11.11, just below the annotation "3", there's an attribute
'retrieve-boundary' whose current value 'page' is wrong.  The correct 
value should be 'page-sequence.'

Again thankyou for your answer, and thankyou for the original 
example; thanks also for contributing to the stylesheet.  

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