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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] [Q] multilingual website?

>>>>> "Bob Stayton" <bobs@sagehill.net>:

> The Apache content negotiation system adds the language code as a
> suffix to the filename, so you want to generate "myfile.html.no" and
> "myfile.html.en".

OK.  Thanx!

> Since the tocentry elements in layout.xml let you specify the output
> filename using the 'filename' attribute, I would think this would
> not be hard to set up.  Just make sure each webpage has the proper
> lang attribute and its tocentry has the right filename.  I haven't
> acutally tried it, so there may be other things to consider.

You're suggesting having a separate set of webpages, using the same
layout.xml file, and generating the HTML files in two separate steps? 

That's a possibility, but here's something that makes it harder:
 I've used <title> members in <tocentry> elements to get TOC entries
 that are shorter than the <title> of the webpage (to avoid ugly

 I've also used pointers to external resources, and they must have a

Is there a way to localize this <title>?  There can be more than one
<title> (according to PSGML.  I haven't studied the layout DTD
yet...), but the <title> element inside <tocentry>, has no lang


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