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Subject: Using docbook to build dynamic web pages..

I'm trying to use docbook as our authoring language for the website.. and
then plan to convert the page to HTML and other output formats.. The website
is in the form of a dynamic page more like a jsp page (application) which
has conditional processing.. (like if-else statements)..

What would be a good way to introduce conditional constructs inside the
docbook instance? Is it still possible to validate the document at authoring

One option is to use our web page as an XSL file and use it's conditional
constructs (such as <xsl:if>) and have it output just the docbook elements..
This would fit our model well but am not sure if I could validate the doc at
authoring time (not the final instance doc after the run time processing of
conditionals.. That would just be pure a docbook instance and thus always

I'm looking for feedback with folks who've tried to use docbook (or similar
document languages) to do dynamic web pages.


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