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Subject: [docbook-apps] svg and <object> tag conflict


(How can I create an embed tag for svg graphics without nesting it inside an <object> tag? )


Perhaps some clarification of 'why' is in order.  I'm trying to include some complex svg graphics within docbook for html transformation.  Although the svg graphic shows up fine using the Adobe viewer, the svg scripting is not working.  The svg software maker informed me :


"... the problem is, that the <embed> tag is inside an <object> tag. The <object> tag makes problems with svg and is not fully supported by all browsers."


Client is Using IE 6, so a nested embed tag should work (and does work for simple viewing of the svg), but the svg javascript files are not working. 


The curious thing is that if I save the transformed file as an html file then view it from the file system like this:




The svg and scripting works fine.  It is only when the html markup is viewed from a URL like this:




does the problem occur.


This appears to be an IE/<object> tag problem, so I want to simply use the embed tag not nested within the object tag for svg graphics. 


Any ideas about how to customize the xsl would be greatly welcome.






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