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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: [Q]  multilingual website?

At 19:16 15/03/2004, luis miguel morillas wrote:
>But I think you don't need only to translate automatically generated text.
>You need a way (like with gettext tools) to translate __all__ the text
>(automatic an manual) in your website, don't you?

Yes, for any multi-lingual site.
But having done that, how to manage those translations?
I think that is where Norm and his ideas are very good.

>  If you use apache,

That is serving the content.
A separate problem?
or do you see that as a part of the transformation,
selecting the presentation language dependant on ... what?

How can I tell a users preferred language?
Perhaps some pre-selected option from the web site front page?

regards DaveP. 

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