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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: [Q]  multilingual website?

At 00:03 21/03/2004, luis miguel morillas wrote:

>If we want to apply this workflow to docbook website sites,
>i think we must to follow the next process:
>1. create docbook-original.xml files and layout.xml file.
>2. generate docbook.po (xml2po) files and translate them (trasnlators task)
>3. generate docbook-translated.xml files (po2xml).
>4. generate html files with xslt processor, hacking layout.xml to
>    make the new docbook-translated.xml files.

What do you expect the docbook-original.xml files to look like?
With no content?
   I don't know what a .po file is?
Why not translate the docbook-original into x.en.xml and x.fr.xml?
Is there something special about the .po files that makes
them easy to work with for translation?

Which files are used as the input to step 4?

regards DaveP

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