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Subject: astroturfing/vandalism on the DocBook wiki

Hi folks,

I don't know who regularly maintains the DocBook wiki, Michael Smith
and Norm perhaps?  but I thought I'd let you know that somebody has
been astroturfing the wiki (i.e. vandalising on a large scale),
blanking pages, removing all whitespaces and adding semi-invisible
links to porn sites.

I started doing some reverts on some pages, like DocBookPackages,
HelpContents, DocBookTools, but after looking at:


it looks like it's everywhere (all edits by iis.ipiranga.com.br), and
beyond one individual to fix.  It seems that the site admin might need
to do a major clean sweep and block the IP addresses in question
(assuming the wiki software block certain IP addresses?): in
particular: iis.ipiranga.com.ar.

Just FYI.


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