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Subject: Website: double "open page" arrows in toc

Transforming Website V2.5.0 with tabular.xsl, I get two 'open page' arrows in the toc. Here's a simple instance: 

  2004 <
  2002 <

This happens when I open either 2002 or 2004. However, when I open Reviews or 2003, only the open page has the arrow. Can anybody spot the problem? Here's the toc from my layout.xml:

  <toc page="journal.xml" filename="journal.html">
    <tocentry page="reviews.xml"filename="reviews.html">
      <tocentry page="2004.xml" filename="2004.html">
      <tocentry page="2003.xml" filename="2003.html">
      <tocentry page="2002.xml" filename="2002.html">

Here's the makefile - am I missing an extension, maybe?

PROC=java -cp "/opt/xml/tools/saxon/saxon.jar:/opt/xml/catalogs:/opt/xml/tools/resolver/resolver.jar:/opt/xml/xsl/docbookxsl/extensions/saxon651.jar:/opt/xml/doctypes/website/extensions/saxon64.jar" com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet -r org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.CatalogResolver -x org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader


.PHONY : clean

	make website

include depends.tabular
autolayout.xml: layout.xml
	$(PROC) -o $@ $<  $(WSSTYLEDIR)/autolayout.xsl
	make depends
%.html: autolayout.xml
	$(PROC) -o $@ $(filter-out autolayout.xml,$^) $(MYSTYLE)
depends: autolayout.xml
	$(PROC) -o depends.tabular $< $(WSSTYLEDIR)/makefile-dep.xsl  output-root=$(OUTDIR)

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